Problems related to the import or export of products?

Spacomex provides services related to international trade, whether in counseling or individual actions on:
Customs (customs clearance and customs services).
Logistics (transport and movement of goods).
Related services (third party agencies, operational, insurance,
Administrative, accounting, legal, tax).

How to import or export goods?

Spacomex advises on registration as an importer-exporter when trying to import or export a product for the first time.

A lack of time or organizational structure in the area of ​​foreign trade?

Spacomex involved in new business development and continuous improvement in the services offered.

Do I want to import or export with whom I communicate?

In our dispatcher Spacomex professionals take charge to assemble, collate and submit all necessary documentation to the customs, in order to import or export a / s merchandise / s of others.

What risks are goods transported?
None. Spacomex has the power to ensure the goods transported, the value of their merchandise is protected by our strategic alliances.


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Egreso de mercaderías, Cargas marítimas, Cargas Aéreas, Cargas Terrestres, Despacho de aduana.