• Preparation and processing of permit boarding and effective intervention to the shipment of goods to the different modalities (Final, Temporary, Transit export, removed)

  • Preparation of shipping documents (invoice, packing list, B/L, certificates of origin, etc..)

  • Preparation of export costs

  • Collection of rebates / refunds


  • Preparation and processing of Offices of Import and intervention until customs clearance for all modes (Final, Temporary, Precedent, Transits Import, etc.)

  • Import costs making

  • Correspondents in all the customs

Other Services:

  • Inspection in the register of importers and exporters

  • Processing and clearance of unaccompanied baggage

  • Proceedings before government agencies and related private-two with import / export (MEYOYSP, INAL, IASCAV, SENASA, INTI, etc.).

  • Processing of certificates of origin for both MERCOSUR countries and around the world

  • Ship Samples

  • Placing stamp

  • Diplomatic Franchise

  • Management Bank


Our team is constantly trained and perfected in order to provide our customers the best service, advice and extra-border management and customs.
Imports, exports, transactions, and management of transit zones are some of the activities that we constantly advise the client from the start of commercial operation, its expected costs, logistics management and successful completion of its objectives.
The authorizations that are managed outside of customs administrations as: LAPI, INAL, DJCP, IRAM, are managed by our team or by the client under our constant advice to avoid delays and minimize inconvenience.
We also have own warehouses in the various borders, a staff of people dedicated to your needs to facilitate the reception, consolidation and deconsolidation of goods free movement. Also offer services in bonded warehouses class for handling and movement of shipments in primary zones and free zones.
Provide quick and effective solutions to our customers that is our main goal.


Assist the movement of goods in a timely manner.
We comply with business requirements, logistical and technical.
We follow the documentation procedures and security.
In SPACOMEX SA transport by land, sea or air, in complete kits or consolidated, closed, open or chilled, IMO dangerous goods and medicines.
We have points of receipt, packaging and labeling controls tailored to your needs.
Always complying with the rules of transport, traveling with loads our international insurance coverage, satellite tracking, and if required, armed guard.
In SPACOMEX SA synonymous with comprehensive service and trust.


Despachante de aduana, Comercio exterior, Aduana, Importación, Exportación, Transito de importación, Ingreso de mercaderías,
Egreso de mercaderías, Cargas marítimas, Cargas Aéreas, Cargas Terrestres, Despacho de aduana.