The Free Trade Zone importers gives the following advantages:

Argentine customs rules determine that the products entered into the free zone, they only carry out checks that can register the amount and classification according to the tariff that corresponds to each one, then be:

Fully or partially admitted the General Customs Territory, having to pay tariffs that apply according to the amount deposited. The income part of the products gives the importer the benefit of nationalizing only what demand requires maintaining a stock in the Free Zone without extra cost and available immediately. Entered as raw materials, goods, products, etc.. as general cargo or bulk allowing the importer classify, sort, group, preempaquetar, without changing the original tariff position, all according to the characteristics of firm demand to require the importer to pay only the fees according to the frequency of sales when intended for General Customs Territory or without tuition when intended for third countries.
Any of the forms set of entry of goods into the country neutralize the financial costs required to maintain a stock nationalized outside the Free Zone.
Sent anywhere in the world without tariffs, taxes or levies of any kind in the state who entered or classified, selected, etc..
Displayed for sale and nationalized after it materialized.
Stored in the FTZ for sale for a period of 5 (five) years.


The Free Zone gives exporters the following advantages:
Import capital goods and equipment needed to mount a partially industry or so-called turnkey, free of customs duties, statistical tax and VAT in the Industrial Park Zone, or outside it must export all products.
General Customs Territory imported from third countries, temporarily, all kinds of raw materials needed for the production process, without fees or surcharges, being obliged to export all the products; equal benefit account any industry established in the Free Zone.
Exports from the Free Zone enjoy the same incentives as have exports from the Homeland.
The basic inputs (electricity, water, gas, telephones, etc..) To the industries established in the Free Zone are exempt from excise tax, VAT.
Enter without a time limit to the free zone machinery and other equipment belonging to the same users.

Services (to be implemented):

Modern fleet of machinery and equipment that allow us to adapt to the needs of handling, sorting, transfer and movement of all materials, raw materials and products in general.
Labeling Services, Fractionation, Packaging, Assembling Bits, Bistres and Pacas, Sealed, barcodes, etc.., Qualified and experienced personnel in these tasks.
General deposits as real logistics operators that allow you to entrust the tasks Zone Traffic apparel, Recruitment of Transportation, Empty Container Return, Distribution of Goods, of Orders, etc..
Sheds with covered and uncovered surface that can store up to five years.
Making deliveries to square or reissues that their operation requires, without limitation, for each entry that occurs.
Make any type of process for forwarding goods to third countries and whether they will be imported into the country - anything that does not modify the tariff to which the goods entered to Free Zone.
The charge-Free Zone allows the owner of the merchandise entered:
- Sell it within the free zone, and that the importer is his client, thereby preventing the advance payment of taxes, duties and levies.
- Transfer of ownership of it, through the transfer certificate.
- Forward the goods to other countries.
Processing Zone Certificate from pre-envarque some cases requires that customs legislation, thereby avoiding complications for entry into the customs territory.
The Zone takes a strict and permanent control of stocks that give users the peace and security needed for those who entrust us with an important part of its business and assets.
The Free Zone has extensive insurance coverage for all goods entered to deposits.
Security and Surveillance throughout the property 24 hours supported with electronic art.
Permanent staff to maintain computer networks.
Local and international telecommunications (tax free).
Computer service network with inventory control.
Service Electric Power, Natural Gas and Water Supply, Industrial and Demineralized (tax free).
Sewerage services and industrial effluents.
Collection services and waste according to environmental standards in force.
Courier Service local and international, and local courier.
Electricity, gas and water (tax free).
Banks and Insurance Companies installed within the Free Zone.
Shuttle flow internally and out of the Free Zone.
Transportation Service for ingress and egress of people.
Security services and occupational health and safeguard assets.
Domestic rental facilities, the free zone of cranes, forklifts, etc.. for transportation of packages and containers in general within the Free Zone.
Cranes and forklifts service for the movement of packages and containers in general within the Free Zone.
Advisory Service on foreign trade.
Customs Legal Advice.


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